Finding Better Ways to Support and Empower the Black Community

Our organization launches free programs for at-risk youths and low-income families with the true goal of moving every member of the Black community forward. We assist people from all walks of life, giving them tailored service that meets their needs.

Alliance for Community Peace

Bringing Out the Best in Each Individual

We collaborate with like-minded volunteers and local authorities to make our work possible. Under the leadership of our pastor CEO, we constantly develop new, accessible platforms to connect with the Black community and truly address their concerns in the best way possible.

Alliance for Community Peace

Afterschool Programming

This initiative is designed to assist students and at-risk youths in need of supervision beyond school hours. We offer academic assistance, free field trips, and several other enrichment programs, providing added incentives for improved school performance and attendance.

Alliance for Community Peace

Building Brighter Futures

We empower adults from all walks of life, providing avenues for gainful employment through our work. Our services are focused on helping each individual harness their skills and aptitudes, finding good work opportunities that help them have long-term, stable employment.

How Can We Serve You Better?

For inquiries, suggestions, and feedback, do not hesitate to connect with our responsive volunteers anytime.